• Step 1
    HD Cream Liner (sun kissed) is applied over the eye up to the brow. Satin Powder (SP 428) is then blended on top. From the Eye Shadow Mirror Palette 15 Colors (Smokey Rose), three colors, Oak, 767 and Maroon are layered from lightest to darkest, creating a graduated blend from the center of the eye out to the socket line. HD Cream Liner (ebony) is used to mark out the cut crease.
  • Step 2
    HD Cream Liner (ebony) is blended into the socket line, Eye Shadow Matt (congo), Eye Shadow Matt (sudan) and Eye Shadow Matt (102), are worked in to deepen the corner of the eye creating an ombré effect. Eye Shadow Matt (deep black) is blended into the socket line. HD Cream Liner (ebony) is applied along both lash lines to create a feline winged liner. Glamour Glow (moon dust) and Glamour Glow (sun kissed) are used to highlight the inner corners of the eye.
  • Step 3
    A blend of Polyester Glimmer Fine in Polyester Glimmer fine (pastel yellow) and Polyester Glimmer fine (pearl white) are mixed with Polyester Glimmer medium (copper) and Polyester Glimmer medium (bright red). Hydro Spirit Gum 12 ml is pressed into place on the eyelids avoiding the highlighted inner corners and the darkened socket line. Once the Spirit Gum has become tacky to touch, the blend of Polyester Glimmers is carefully applied. Proliner (black) is then used to sharpen the winged feline eyeliner.
  • Step 4
    The skin is primed with Perfect Matt and then perfected using TV Paint Stick. TV Paint Sticks are also selected for highlight and contour respectively and blended into the foundation. The foundation is set with complementing tones from the Dual Finish Palette 6 Colors (Warm Complexion). From the Professional Blusher Set 15 Colors (Contexture) Shading Brown and SM are buffed in to create a beautiful rouge. Glamour Glow (natural tan) highlights the cheekbones.
  • Step 5
    Viva Brilliant Color (wild cherry) is blended around the edges of the eye make-up. Eyelashes TV 5 are adhered with Lash Adhesive Pro 4 g (black). Eyebrow Powder (medium) and Eyebrow Powder (dark) are applied with an angled brush to define the brows. Faceliner (31) sharpens the lip line while Dermacolor Light Lipstick (DL 8) and Dermacolor Light Lipstick (DL 9) generously form the color. Finally, Body Jewels (red) are adhered with Lash Adhesive Pro 4 g (neutral).
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